How to Create Effective Customer Communications During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all sorts of new challenges to business and revealed the importance of effective communication tools and strategies. With more people working from home, the ability to collaborate with remote employees and communicate effectively with customers has played an essential role in helping businesses survive and bounce back from the pandemic.

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How to Improve Your Company’s Internal Communications with Remote Workers

Even before the pandemic forced many employees to start working from home, there was a growing trend of remote workers. For businesses, remote workers mean less overhead costs and the ability to work with talent from all over the world. Perhaps the biggest challenge of this business model is ensuring reliable and effective communication. Fortunately,

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Non-Fixed VoIP Vs. Fixed VoIP: What’s the Difference and Which Should I Choose?

If you have been shopping around for VoIP services, you have probably encountered the terms non-fixed and fixed. While both options offer an alternative to traditional phone systems, they offer different advantages that are worth considering as you decide on the right communication system for your business. With that in mind, let’s take a closer

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What are the Benefits of Choosing VoIP Vs. Analog Phone Systems?

Before we can start comparing different phone systems, let’s clarify some terminology. Voice over Internet Technology (VoIP) uses a variety of different technologies that make it easy for people in different locations to communicate and share data through multimedia platforms. Analog phone systems are what you would associate with traditional landlines that are hardwired into

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What is a Mitel Phone System?

If you have been looking into different VoIP systems and business phone solutions, you may still be left wondering what exactly is a Mitel phone system. Essentially, Mitel provides a wide range of communication tools that allow people from all other the world to collaborate and provide better customer service. Mitel is able to support

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