IP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems

As the world switches from digital to Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology, Network South can help you stay ahead of the pack. Voice Over IP phone systems allow calls to be made over an IP network. IP Telephony reduces cost of phone calls between multiple sites, consolidates communications over one network and allows easy Moves Adds and Changes. Choose from our variety of high-quality VoIP phone systems, including the latest Mitel products. We also perform repairs on IP phone systems from Toshiba.

Businesses across the country are making the switch to VoIP for flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Isn’t it time you got up to speed?

Benefits of switching to VoIP communications technology include:

  • Elimination of long-distance charges between company branches
  • Seamless connection of wired and wireless systems
  • Integration of Web applications
  • ROI taken to a whole new level

Discover the variety of IP Phone Systems available for your business by calling 888.302.0434 or contacting Network South through our short form today.

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