WIFI Wireless Internet Services in Raleigh, Greensboro & Southern VA

Network South is proud to offer Wi-Fi or wireless local area network solutions to commercial clients in the Southern Virginia and the greater North Carolina area from Greensboro to Raleigh to Holly Springs and beyond. Wi-Fi  systems link two or more devices in your office using a wireless distribution method. This offers your employees and customers the capability to move around within a local coverage area without losing their connection. Working with Aruba Networks materials we are able to provide high quality Wi-Fi services to all of our customers, including:

  • Designed for high performance and centralized manageability
  • Full range of access points
  • Wired and wireless architecture work together seamlessly
  • Centralized cloud based configuration and management of IP services enable service providers to quickly deploy differentiated mobility services while massively lowering ongoing management and operational costs

When choosing a company to install a Wi-Fi network solution for your office or commercial property–pick a provider you can depend on–Network South. Because Wi-Fi and other Wi-Fi systems are a shared resource that must increasingly support a broadband experience for a variety of competing devices and applications, having the proper installation of these network solutions is critical to your business’ operational efficiency. Network South has the experience to strike the right balance between coverage and capacity to provide independent control over both Wi-Fi coverage and Wi-Fi deployments.

More about out Wi-Fi Services

The 802.11ac standard is the latest version of Wi-Fi.  802.11ac offers higher speeds over wider bandwidths and addresses the density issues most networks see now and will continue to see in the future.  The reliance on Wi-Fi continues to increase and is the best technology to address heavy bandwidth intensive applications like streaming video and collaboration.  Entities still using older wireless standards, like 802.11n will strongly benefit by implementing 802.11ac in their network.

Serving Business’ Internet Needs – Network South

Business owners in the Raleigh area and beyond know that the Wi-Fi landscape is continuously changing as consumer-grade devices like smartphones are being offloaded from wireless service providers to the enterprise. But Wi-Fi and other Wi-Fi connectivity issues trouble more than just business executives, even some medical-grade devices require the ultimate in Wi-Fi performance. Don’t let your business suffer from connectivity issues–contact Network South for consistent coverage, optimized performance and quality customer service.

So whether you’re seeking to have your employees move throughout workstations in the office with ease, or seeking to provide Wi-Fi to your customers in your restaurant, hotel or retail store–Network South has a solution for you.

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