Nextiva VoIP Phone Systems

Network South Partners with the best VoIP software and hardware providers in order to provide our customers with the best in cutting-edge technology that supports communication and collaboration. Nextiva is one of the leading providers of VoIP solutions that allow you to manage  your calls over the internet.

With Nextiva, you can set up and enjoy a range of VoIP features on your existing phones. Whether your company utilizes landline and/or mobile phones, Nextiva’s services can be used on any device. You can enjoy a robust set of features including: call forwarding, call recording, voicemail to email, call recording, call routing and much more. Nextiva has designed tools that are meant to help you keep up with the pace of business and stay competitive.

nextivia hardware

Nextiva Hardware Solutions

You can also invest in Nextiva hardware that will further support your business communications. They offer powerful desktop phones, headsets, cordless phones, conferencing tools and a mobile app. All these devices provide crystal clear audio so that you never have to worry about a bad connection.

Call Tracking Capabilities

With Nextiva software and hardware solutions, you can also gain valuable insights into your call history and activity. You can track performance metrics, analyze employee performance and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Your phone system will actually help you meet a variety of business goals that go beyond just communication and collaboration.

At Network South, we understand the challenges of Raleigh-Durham area businesses and work hard to provide the best solutions that can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Nextiva products and services are just one solution that will help your business operate more efficiently and effectively. 

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