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Network South is a customer-centric company that distributes telecommunications services across the Raleigh-Durham community. Our most successful outcome is one that results in a strong relationship that evolves as your business flourishes and expands.

To continually earn your business, we offer the following network customer support services:

  • On call certified professionals, 24/7.
  • Emergency service responses within 2 hours of call
  • Lifetime comprehensive product training
  • Parts on demand from a fully stocked warehouse
  • Immediate support from a live help desk

A Personalized Approach to Network Customer Support

As every product and service package will differ, so should the customer support behind it. You’ll find that Network South takes a truly individualized approach to working with clients.

Where other telecom companies deliver just products, we deliver continued attention and focus. The first step is becoming acquainted with your company and its core values and goals; after 20 years of business in the Raleigh-Durham area, we know how important that is.

Should your needs include IP or VoIP commercial phone systems, network infrastructure, cabling, or surveillance, Network South is happy to provide the network customer support you need to be successful.

Contact our team of certified professionals today to begin optimizing your Raleigh-Durham business!