5 Ways Home Users Can Protect Their Data Amid Rising Cyber Threats

Virus Protection | July 20th, 2022

As cyber attackers become more sophisticated and find new ways to circumvent security measures, users need to keep up-to-date with the best practices for protecting their data. If you work from home or use a computer to shop from the comfort of your couch, you could be inadvertently putting important data at risk. To help protect you and your information, here are some tips that will keep you safe amid rising cyber threats.

Don’t automatically click on links or attachments.

Cyber attackers are still using this method to access personal computers. Even if you receive an attachment in an email from someone you know, take a few seconds to think about whether you feel safe opening it. 

Use different passwords for different accounts.

People often end up using the same password for their accounts because they simply don’t want to have to memorize or keep track of a bunch of different passwords. However, using a randomly generated password for every account is the safest method. Fortunately, programs like LastPass and RoboForm can help you create, store, and protect passwords for all your accounts so you never have to hit the “forgot password” link. 

Update your software and apps.

Apps and software will be updated as new fixes and security measures are added. However, if you aren’t actually updating these programs, you could be putting yourself at risk. Go into your settings and automate updates so that you don’t even have to think about the updates and you will also be enjoying maximum protection. 

Backup your files in a separate location.

If your information and your files become compromised, you don’t want to end up losing them completely. Backing up your files in a separate location, like a simple USB thumb drive, can allow you to bounce back quickly if something does go wrong.  

Secure your network.

There is no reason why your home wifi network shouldn’t be password protected. In fact, you can even hide your network from view so that hackers won’t be able to determine what type of router you have and they will move on to an easier target.

There are daily habits and other simple things you can do to protect your data from cyber-attacks. For additional help protecting your home and business networks and all your devices, contact the experts at Network South. We can provide you with the support and sophisticated solutions you need to prevent and recover from cyber-attacks.