How to Choose the Right Business Phone System

Uncategorized | May 5th, 2021

No matter what kind of business you run or what industry you work in, communication is a pillar of success. Whether you are connecting with new or existing customers, arranging projects with colleagues, or collaborating with other businesses, communication is at the heart of it all. That makes it important to choose the right business phone system to support all your needs and allow for growth. Here are some tips to help choose the right business phone system.

VoIP and Virtual Versus Landline

In some cases, a landline system may make sense, but for many businesses this is antiquated technology. VoIP and virtual business phone systems use the internet to significantly expand capabilities. These phones can do much more than just send and receive calls. With all sorts of information management tools, employees will be able to work more efficiently and they won’t be tethered to their desks. Everything can be integrated with mobile devices so that field teams are always connected. 

Businesses also have more power over how they direct and manage calls. This can mean that customers are more quickly connected to the right person and employees are able to be better utilized according to their skills sets. 

Hosting Options

With VoIP business phone systems, you have the option of housing the system on-premise or going through a cloud service provider. Some businesses have the bandwidth and staff to manage additional served on-premise while others prefer to farm this responsibility out to a company who will guarantee a certain level of connectivity. This decision may come down to budget and whether or not an in-house team will be able to manage the necessary hardware. 

Ultimately, most companies opt for a VoIP system that comes with virtual capabilities. This allows them to take advantage of office landlines that are equipped with a variety of internet tools and provide employees with the ability to access the same tools with a mobile device. With this approach, everyone can enjoy the best of all worlds. For more information about available business phone system features and expert advice that will help you make the right choice, contact Network South today.