How to Improve Your Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure | February 15th, 2022

The quality of your network infrastructure directly affects overall efficiency and productivity. If the network isn’t meeting all the needs of the users, it is time to make some improvements. Here are some steps you can take to improve your network infrastructure.

Address Bottlenecks

Just one slow device in the network can cause a domino effect and create a bottleneck that slows performance all along the pipeline. The right network monitoring tool will be able to identify the problem so that everything is flowing more smoothly.

Set Expectations for Proper Usage

If your users are streaming videos or downloading large files, they could be negatively influencing performance without knowing it. Make sure that you have clear policies and expectations about proper network usage so that more bandwidth can be used for business-related processes.

Reconfigure New Hardware

When you add new hardware, always check to make sure that all the devices are continuing to communicate properly. Introducing new hardware has the potential to increase latency or cause routing problems, so be sure to watch out for this issue.

Create a Guest Network

If you have people visiting your location, there is a good chance they will be using the internet. Creating a guest network for them to use ensures that all the bandwidth is going towards business activities.

Compress Your Data

Practically every business has to transmit large amounts of data. As you take on more data, the network is also having to do more work. Data compression is a solution that will allow you to shrink your data size while still ensuring full transmission.

Any network infrastructure is a dynamic system that is constantly changing. This also means that there is practically always room for some sort of improvement. Start with these five tips to improve performance and get the most out of your network. If you would like additional help with improving your network, call the experts at Network South