Ransomware Tips to Avoid the Next Possible Attack on Your Business

Service & Repair | December 7th, 2021

Unfortunately, no business is immune from the threat of ransomware attacks. Hackers will infiltrate your system, steal data or completely freeze your ability to operate until you pay a certain ransom. This can be costly not only monetarily, but also to your business reputation, which can have long-term consequences. Here is what you can do to help avoid a possible attack.

Train Employees

In most cases, malware that is used in ransom attacks is inadvertently downloaded by employees who aren’t aware that this is a threat or what to look out for. Educating your employees is the first step in preventing ransomware attacks. Be sure to teach them about security precautions, best practices, and what to do if they detect suspicious activity. 

Have a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

Hackers won’t have any leverage if your data has been properly saved in another secure location. You can quickly get your business back online and protect sensitive data.

Update System Devices

Outdated hardware and software and more vulnerable to attacks. Have a process in place that helps ensure that everything is updated with the latest antivirus and security tools. If necessary, updates may need to be made on a daily basis. Don’t let this task fall by the wayside. 

Be Careful about Email Links

One of the most common ways to introduce malware into a system is through an email link. To quickly test the legitimacy of a link, hover over it with your mouse. The complete URL should appear. If this address is different from the link information, you should not open the link. Again, this is an important area for employee training. 

Restrict Access

Put restrictions on who can access certain data and make changes to the network. Only certain people should have permission to download information. This is a simple and straightforward way to help protect the entire network and enforce accountability. 

While ransomware is a reality, you don’t have to fall victim to this threat. You can employ the tips mentioned above and work with an expert like Network South to implement further protections. At Network South, we help companies stay ahead of emerging threats and enjoy cutting-edge communication and collaboration tools. Contact us today to learn more.