VoIP Cloud Phone System: A Beginner’s Guide to Buy

IP Phone Systems | March 3rd, 2023

As more and more business technology moves to cloud-based solutions, it may be time for you to make the move to a hosted phone system. Learn more about the features you will enjoy and what to look for in a hosted phone system provider.


The list of advantages that come with using a Cloud Phone System is a long one. At the top of the list are Advanced Applications such as Mobile and Softphones and User Friendly Administration.  Since you won’t have to deal with purchasing expensive hardware up front, businesses are often able to reduce their monthly phone bills while greatly expanding their capabilities. 

In addition to transmitting phone calls over the internet, Cloud phone systems can also support Contact Center solutions, Call Recording, and much more. With so many employees working remotely, Cloud voice features become essential and allow employees to better focus their attention and can improve customer service.  

VoIP Cloud Phone Systems also offer incredible flexibility and scalability. Businesses have the ability to make significant changes to their operations, whether that is changing locations or adding employees, with ease. 

What to Look for in a Provider

It is a good idea to start by making a list of the features that are a must for your business. This will help you to hone in on providers who can meet your needs. One important factor that might not have made your list is comprehensive support. Onboarding new technology may require some training so that employees are able to fully utilize these tools. Look for providers who offer support to help you navigate any difficulties. If you have employees located in different time zones or your business operates around the clock, be sure that you can always have access to support and that it is easy to reach support staff when needed.

VoIP Cloud Phone Systems truly are the future of business and the sooner you onboard this technology, the sooner you can begin to experience all the benefits. For answers to all your questions about Cloud Phone Systems, contact the experts at Network South today.