What are the Benefits of Teleconferencing?

IP Phone Systems | May 12th, 2021

For modern businesses that are trying to cut costs, improve communication, and work more efficiently, teleconferencing is an invaluable tool. Fortunately, technology has improved teleconferencing capabilities and quality so that there is no need to worry about dropped signals, poor sound or video quality, or other interference. If you aren’t already taking full advantage of teleconferencing, here are some benefits you may be missing out on.

  • Reduce travel time and expenses. If employees are shuttling all over the country to discuss projects and share information, this can be a big expense. Teleconferencing allows participants from all over the country to easily connect. Instead of wasting time on the plane, they can be coming up with the next big innovation.
  • Schedule meetings the same day. Without the need for travel planning, you can schedule meetings in just a few minutes instead of having to wait weeks for everyone’s travel schedules to align. Everything can get done a lot faster and with much less planning and preparation. 
  • Better attendance. When all employees have to do is join a teleconference meeting, they are much more likely to show up. Eliminating certain barriers will make it easier for everyone to connect and communicate.
  • More engaging than a conference call. Actually being able to see colleagues and interact with them through video is simply more engaging. It can be all too easy to mentally zone out during a call, but adding video changes the game. 
  • Better communication. Since people are more engaged, they will walk away with a better understanding of topics discussed. Teleconferencing also speaks to different types of learners so that everyone is able to better process information for improved communication.

If you are interested in incorporating teleconferencing into your business practices, contact Network South today. We can help you find the right hardware and software solutions to improve communication and efficiency.