Which Platform Is Better for Your Business: Google Workspace or Microsoft 365?

Carrier Services | July 7th, 2022

Today’s workspace platforms are designed to help your team improve productivity and communication while also fostering collaboration. Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are two popular options that are powering businesses, but which one is right for your business? Let’s take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these platforms to help you make the right decision. 


While Microsoft offers more plans than Google, the pricing is essentially the same. For the Microsoft 365 Business Basic, which is the starting plan, you will pay $5 per user per month. With the Google Business Starter plan, you will pay $6 per month per user.

Storage Capacity

This is one of the major differentiating features between the two platforms. Microsoft comes with 1TB of cloud storage while your storage capacity will vary with Google according to which editio you purchase. 


Both platforms offer excellent cloud security. However, Microsoft does come with a multi-factor authentication to help protect sensitive data. In addition, the fact that Google allows for third-party integration can introduce some vulnerabilities.


The platforms offer a lot of the same features, however, Microsoft users are able to take advantage of both desktop and web versions of apps. Employees can work from their devices or complete projects offline if necessary.

Ultimately, the size of your business may be the biggest determining factor in which solution is best. For small businesses, Google can get you up and running immediately and it is simply to use. However, for larger companies with more complex communication and collaboration needs. Microsoft 365 may offer a more sophisticated solution.

For additional help choosing the right workplace platform to support your business, contact the experts at Network South. We can get to know your needs and help you find the best solution.