Why VoIP and Conference Phones and Productivity go Together

IP Phone Systems | October 25th, 2019

Everyone has their own preferences and tricks when it comes to increasing productivity. Some people reach their productive peak in the afternoon while others need to get going first thing in the morning. For many workers, listening to music is a great way to block out distractions, get in a work rhythm and concentrate on the task at hand. That is why today’s VoIP conference phones actually use bluetooth technology to play music when the actual phone feature isn’t in use. If you haven’t been utilizing music as a productivity tool in the workplace, here are a few ways your phone can help.

Music Provides a Happiness Boost

Music has a powerful effect on the brain and actually triggers a release of dopamine, which is sent straight to the prefrontal cortex. This area of the brain is associated with organization, planning and attention. Incorporating music into your workday is proven to make you feel happy while also stimulating the part of your brain that you need for daily tasks. Music is especially helpful when you have to tackle monotonous and repetitive aspects of a project. Perhaps best of all, when you need to join a conference call, the music shuts off and you can use your phone as needed.   

Use Music to Fight the Midday Lull

The average workday is full of ebs. You may need a pick me up when you arrive in the morning and start in on that first cup of coffee. After lunch, a lot of people are fighting the midday lull and trying not to let productivity drop off. Music is a great way to balance your mood throughout the day and get that extra boost when you need it most. If you are working on more complicated tasks, go with upbeat music that doesn’t contain lyrics. This can help you concentrate and maintain productivity all day long.

Make the Transition Between Tasks

Switching between tasks is also known as context switching and it creates a special challenge to the brain. You want to be able to switch your focus and still be just as ready and productive when taking on the next item on your list. This process can involve tapping into a different skill set and changing the way you have been thinking. Listening to music while you context switch can actually smooth out the transition and prime your brain to move on without decreasing productivity. While you may not be used to associating VoIP phone systems with Bluetooth speakers and music in the workplace, there are a lot of reasons why workers are taking advantage of this tool. There is no better or simpler way to aid in concentration, boost productivity and make the workday more enjoyable than with the right music. Network South can help you incorporate the latest VoIP phones into your office and enjoy the best in advanced conferencing and communication tools that also play music. Call us today to learn more about available equipment and add some groove to your office.