Will Adding Access Controls to Your Business Disrupt Employees?

Video Surveillance | December 15th, 2022

Many businesses recognize the purpose and benefits of adding access controls, but they are hesitant to incorporate this technology because they are afraid that it will create a disruption. That last thing companies want to do is slow down employees and make it less convenient for them to do their job. With the right tactics, you can successfully implement access controls so that they better serve employees and the business.

Develop Clear Requirements

When used correctly, access controls can protect assets and information. The key to getting started is to establish clear requirements for who has access to what areas and when. There should also be clear steps outlined when it comes to revoking, reviewing, approving, or modifying access. Using both logical and physical barriers can ensure that only people with the right privileges have access to certain resources. 

Create Account Types

Categories such as standard user, service, and privileged user should be clearly defined. Each group should have its own set of access control rules that are stated explicitly and made clear to each user.  

Practice Ongoing Management

Once you have created your system, you will need to continue monitoring and managing access controls. This includes regular audits and reviews to identify any problems in the system.

Use Controls for Mobile and At-Home Employees

With more employees working remotely and from home, it is important to continue to provide protections. For example, if a device is lost, the company should have the ability to wipe all the information from the device. 

Ultimately, access controls don’t have to be a burden on your employees. Instead, they will help to define roles and create a clear and adaptable system for protecting assets. To learn more about the advantages of access controls and how they can help your business, contact Network South today.