Managed Service Provider in Brunswick County

Network South serves Brunswick County, Virginia with a wide range of business services for technology and communication. Below we’ve listed a few of the specialized services we offer to businesses in Virginia.

Managed Service Provider/MSP

As a managed service provider (MSP) in Brunswick County, we love serving our local area and can handle any of your IT infrastructure needs remotely. Together we can create a proactive approach to storage, security, and other important cloud resources. Hire us to create a customized package that will handle all of your IT needs.

Stop wasting time and money on hiring an in-house IT Team. Outsource all your IT needs to Network South. Keep your employees focused on what they do best, while we design and implement a more secure, flexible, and agile infrastructure that will grow with your business.

IT Services

It’s time to improve your IT infrastructure and create a more efficient system for your employees. With our services, you can create an effective system and stay on top of emerging technologies that you could leverage. Network South has worked with businesses across all industries in Brunswick County for years creating and managing a variety of IT solutions to help them grow. We would love to have the same opportunity to do that for your business.

We create customized packages to serve your IT needs. Whether you only need help with certain aspects of your IT or you want a more comprehensive service, we have you covered. Our services will reduce outages (both length and frequency) and increase employee/customer satisfaction. Contact us today to update your infrastructure, take advantage of cloud resources, and improve many other areas of your IT infrastructure.

Tech team

Computer Support

Keep your computers and hardware up and running with our on-demand support. Our computer support can keep your computers online and your business running without any hiccups. If you’ve ever experienced computer issues at work, you understand any amount of downtime can become detrimental to your business. Work with Network South to receive on-demand computer support to fix your hardware quickly before it results in a major loss of revenue or hurts customer confidence. Don’t run your business without responsive computer support.

Once you hire Network South for your computer support, we will analyze your company to understand its infrastructure, so we can quickly act when something goes wrong. You can rest easy knowing that expert help is just a phone call away.


Keep your network secure by implementing the correct firewalls By inspecting incoming and outgoing traffic, firewalls can actively identify and block potential threats. We offer firewall services in Brunswick County, Virginia to prevent attacks before they happen and ensure the safety of your network.

You must have the right firewalls in place to protect your business against both known and emerging threats. Firewalls keep your network from unauthorized users accessing your private data while blocking malicious software before it has a chance to hurt your business. Improve your network security and protect your business in Brunswick County with Network South’s firewall services.



If you haven’t already, it’s time to take your network wireless and Network South can help you do it. With our wireless services, we can implement a system that offers high-speed performance, while making sure all your devices are connected and online. We will also put in the necessary security to keep your wireless network safe.

Already wireless? Make sure your system is up-to-date with our maintenance services. We can help fix any connectivity problems while updating your hardware to keep your system faster and online.

Desktop Support

Keep your business up and running with a team of experts that can troubleshoot any desktop problems. We can fix any issues you have with:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Connectivity
  • Or other desktop components

Keep your desktops up and running with Network South’s desktop support. We offer our desktop support services in Brunswick County because we want to see the businesses in our community grow. Let us keep your computers up and running, so your business can keep growing.

desktop support
network infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

We are the experts of Brunswick County at creating a network infrastructure designed specifically around their business needs. Let us create an infrastructure designed to improve your collaboration within your team.  We can also help your company take advantage of emerging technologies like leveraging the cloud. Not only can we improve your infrastructure, but we will ensure the safety of your sensitive information with the proper security protocols.

Having issues with your current infrastructure? We offer ongoing maintenance services to maintain, improve, and manage your infrastructure. Keep your network up-to-date without causing disruptions and take advantage of the latest technology as it becomes available.

To learn more about how Network South can help your Brunswick County area business enjoy the best in available IT telecommunication services, contact us today. We service the following cities: Alberta, Lawrenceville, Rawlings, Tobacco, Adsit, Edgerton, Triplet, White Plains, Gasburg, Meredithville, Dolphin, and all adjacent cities.

Free Consultation

Let us provide your business with a free analysis of all your business communications (voice, internet, phone systems) and security (video surveillance, card access, intrusion) needs. Simply complete the form and we’ll reach out to you via your preferred method of contact.