Managed Service Provider in Greensville County

Network South serves Greensville County, Virginia with services to improve your technology, communication, and security. Learn about just a few of the services we offer to businesses in Virginia.

Managed Service Provider/MSP

Looking for a managed service provider (MSP) in Greensville County? We would love to be your MSP of choice. Together we can create a proactive approach to storage, security, and other important cloud resources. Work with us today to create a customized package, which can handle all of your IT needs.

Keeping your IT in-house just doesn’t make sense anymore when outsourcing your team is so easy! Don’t waste time and money hiring a team and work directly with Network South instead. Keep your employees focused on what they do best, while we design and implement a more secure, flexible, and agile infrastructure that will grow with your business.

IT Services

Creating an effective IT infrastructure for your employees is critical for your company’s success. With the services of Network South, you can keep your IT system running efficiently and stay on top of emerging technologies to implement. Network South has worked with businesses across all industries in Greensville County for years creating and managing a variety of IT solutions to help them grow.

Don’t just go with a service you can’t customize. Your business is unique, which is why we create customized packages to serve your IT needs. We can help you with whatever you need. Whether you are just looking for help on a simple IT problem, or you need a comprehensive package to serve your IT needs, we have you covered. Reduce the frequency and length of your outages and increase employee and customer satisfaction with our IT services. Contact us today to update your infrastructure, take advantage of cloud resources, and improve many other areas of your IT infrastructure.

Tech team

Computer Support

Don’t let a computer outage hurt your business operations. We offer computer support to keep your computers up and running when they are needed the most. Computer problems that affect the business can be detrimental. Work with Network South to receive on-demand computer support to fix your hardware before it results in a major loss in revenue. Computer problems can also hurt your customer confidence. Hire Network South and receive on-demand computer support for your business.

Once you hire Network South for your computer support, we will analyze your company to understand its infrastructure, so we can quickly act when something goes wrong. You can rest easy knowing that expert help is just a phone call away.


Keep your network secure with firewalls. By implementing the necessary firewalls, you can inspect incoming and outgoing traffic to actively identifying and block potential threats. We offer our firewall services in Greensville County, Virginia to prevent attacks before they happen and ensure that your network is safe.

It’s critical you have the right firewalls in place to protect your business against both known and emerging threats. Stop unauthorized users from accessing your sensitive data with the proper firewall and don’t allow hackers the opportunity to slow your business down with malicious software. Improve your network security and protect your business in Greensville County with Network South’s firewall services.



Making your business wireless is the only way to go and Network South can get you there. With our wireless services, we can implement a fast system, while ensuring all of your devices are connected and online. Every wireless system we design is created with security in mind.

Currently have a wireless system with issues? Learn about the on-going wireless maintenance services we offer businesses in Greensville County. Let us ensure your hardware is up-to-date, so you can enjoy the fastest and safest wireless system possible.

Desktop Support

Don’t let your business slow down due to desktop issues. Let our team of experts troubleshoot any  of your desktop problems. We can fix any problems you have with:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Connectivity
  • Or other desktop components

Keep your desktops up and running with Network South’s desktop support. We offer our desktop support services in Greensville County to keep businesses in our community up and running. Keep your business growing with the assistance of our desktop support.

desktop support
network infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

We are the experts of Greensville County at creating and implementing the best network infrastructures. All of our infrastructures are designed specifically around your business needs. Improve the collaboration within your team with an infrastructure designed for your company.  Let us help you take advantage of emerging technologies like the cloud. Not only can we improve your infrastructure, but we will ensure the safety of your sensitive information with the proper security protocols.

Have any problems with your current infrastructure? We offer ongoing maintenance services to maintain, improve, and manage your infrastructure. Keep your network up-to-date without causing disruptions. Let us help you take advantage of the latest technology as it becomes available.

To learn more about how Network South can help your Greensville County area business enjoy the best in available IT telecommunication services, contact us today. We service the following cities: Emporia, Westover Hills, Durand, Skippers, Purdy, Willow Oaks, and all adjacent cities.

Free Consultation

Let us provide your business with a free analysis of all your business communications (voice, internet, phone systems) and security (video surveillance, card access, intrusion) needs. Simply complete the form and we’ll reach out to you via your preferred method of contact.