Managed Service Provider in Person County

Improve your infrastructure and communication with Network South’s services. Work with us to improve your business operations. Learn more about the services we provide Person County and most of North Carolina.

Managed Service Provider/MSP

As a managed service provider (MSP) in Person County, NC, we can handle all your IT needs.  Let us help you create a proactive approach to your security, storage, and other important cloud resources to keep your business running efficiently. Our packages are flexible and affordable, so contact us today to implement the services you need for your business.

Don’t worry about hiring your own IT team when you can just outsource your IT support to Network South. Free up valuable employee time with our services and create a more secure, flexible, and agile network in the process. With our help, your infrastructure can grow as you grow.

IT Services

We offer IT services to support your employees and make their workday more efficient and effective. Improving your processes and optimizing your IT is critical to running a successful business. Make sure you are staying up-to-date with the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition. We’ve worked with business all across North Carolina and Person County and we would love to work with you. Let us create, run, and manage all your IT needs.

Get a customized IT service for your business with Network South. Our services are flexible because a one-size-fits-all model just doesn’t cut it. From a simple plan to handling one aspect of your IT to a comprehensive package protecting your whole business, we have what you need. Our team is committed to helping you reduce the frequency and length of your network outages while helping improve employee and customer satisfaction.  Work with Network South to keep your infrastructure up to date, and identify where you could be taking advantage of other IT solutions like the cloud.

Tech team

Computer Support

Don’t let your business go down when your computers do. Get on-demand computer support for all your hardware. Having a computer outage can lead to a loss of revenue and hurt customer confidence. Work with Network South to keep your computers from going down when you need it the most.

To offer proper support, we start by getting a better understanding of your current infrastructure and your overall business processes. Then when you run into an issue, we can quickly diagnose the problem and fix it. You can rest easy knowing you have the computer support experts just a phone call away.


Implementing the right firewalls is critical to keeping your network safe. The role of firewalls are to inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic to protect you from any potential threats. Prevent attacks on your network before they even start and secure your network with the assistance of Network South.

Keep yourself protected against known and emerging threats with the proper firewall protections. Keep unauthorized users from accessing your most private data and keep malicious software from attacking your network. Disruptions in your business can be a huge hassle. Stay protected with the services of Network South.



Need help implementing or troubleshooting a wireless system? We offer wireless services in Vance County and the surrounding North Carolina area.

Work with us to develop a wireless network that delivers high-speed performance, while supporting all your necessary devices. We also take the extra step to ensure your network is secure for a safer wireless setup.

If you are currently experiencing issues, we can quickly address your current problem and create a solution. With the assistance of Network South, your team will stay connected and online allowing for a smooth business operation.

Desktop Support

Keep your business from stopping due to an issue with your desktop. Our desktop support team has the expertise to quickly analyze your issue and get your computer back up and running, so your business doesn’t skip a beat. From hardware, software, or connectivity, we can help fix any problem when it comes to your desktop.

We understand the importance of computers to your business, which is why we offer our support to help keep your business running smoothly. Our services are affordable and can help you with any of your IT needs, so you can stay focused on growing your business in Person County.

desktop support
network infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

Improve your communications and collaboration with a powerful network infrastructure. Let us design and implement a network infrastructure that has been created specifically for your business.

We can help well beyond just designing and implementing a sound network architecture. We can also offer ongoing services to help maintain and manage your system. Minimizing the disruptions of your business, while keeping your network up-to-date with the latest available technology.

To learn more about how Network South can help your Person County area business enjoy the best in available IT telecommunication services, contact us today. We service the following cities in Person County: Roxboro, Allensville, Somerset, Hurdle Mills, Timberlake, Moriah, Woodsdale, Olive Hill, and Williamsville.

Free Consultation

Let us provide your business with a free analysis of all your business communications (voice, internet, phone systems) and security (video surveillance, card access, intrusion) needs. Simply complete the form and we’ll reach out to you via your preferred method of contact.