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Commercial Security Services

Commercial businesses have a lot invested in their facilities, assets, and employees. That is why security should be a top priority. Fortunately, Network South works with businesses throughout Granville County to provide the best security solutions that utilize the latest technology. 

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is more advanced than ever and provides an effective and affordable way to monitor your property. High resolution images make it easy to identify any criminals and collect evidence if someone tries to illegally enter your buildings or steal your property. Wireless components also make the systems easy to install. You don’t have to worry about drilling through old walls or causing damage to your building.

With the help of strategically placed cameras, you can monitor your business in real-time and have a record of any happenings. With digital storage, the days of re-recording over an old VHS are long gone.

Access Control

Another effective way to protect your Granville County based business is with the help of access controls. Most commonly, key cards and readers are used to restrict and record access. This allows you to only allow designated people to enter facilities and even limit access to certain buildings and rooms for employees. You will be in complete control of your business and have the ability to keep a detailed record of who entered where and when.

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Granville County

As a neighbor of RTP, Granville County is quickly growing and becoming home to all sorts of businesses. Whether you are a longstanding member of the Granville County community or you are a newcomer, Network South can help you find the right security solutions to protect your business and help it thrive.

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