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Commercial Security Services

For any businesses, protecting assets, facilities, and employees is a main priority. Fortunately, with new technology, monitoring your business is easier and more affordable than ever.

Video Surveillance

The most effective way to protect your business and monitor activity is with the help of video surveillance. Today’s sophisticated cameras can provide you with high resolution images so that you can clearly see the exterior of your business. With remote monitoring, you can securely access your cameras from any internet connection so that you can enjoy peace of mind even when you are not on site. 

In addition, today’s cameras are easy to install. Wireless technology has eliminated the need for extensive cables. There is no need to drill through walls or cause damage to your building. This also reduces costs for more affordable security solutions.

Access Control

Access control is another important security tool. With the help of key cards and carefully placed readers, you can restrict access and ensure that only designated people are able to access your buildings. You can even set up alerts according to your own preferences so that you can keep track of who is accessing what parts of the building.

Perhaps best of all, access controls can help create a detailed record of who entered what buildings and at what time. This type of information can be critical, especially if any issues arise.

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Orange County

Orange County is home to a major university, RTP, and farmland, making it a unique mix of businesses. As Orange County continues to expand, more businesses are turning to Network South to help protect their assets and employ the latest in security solutions.

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