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Commercial Security Services

Securing your business doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated when you partner with Network South. We help businesses throughout Person County find the right solutions to protect their facilities, assets, and employees. 

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years and provides the most effective way to monitor your business. With high resolution cameras, you can capture clear images of people and activity. You can watch in real-time and digitally archive footage so that it can be referenced at a later date if needed. 

Today’s cameras are also wireless which makes them easy to install. You don’t have to worry about running extensive cables through the building. In addition, remote monitoring capabilities means that you can securely access your surveillance system from any place with an internet connection. This feature also makes it nearly impossible to tamper with the video. All this helps to protect your business and help you enjoy peace of mind.

Access Control

Another effective way to secure your business is with the help of access controls. Typically, this comes in the form of key cards and readers strategically placed by entrances. Only designated people will be able to gain access. You can even set restrictions on who can enter different areas of the business. The controls are totally customizable. 

In addition to being able to control access, you will also have a record of who entered the building and at what time. This can be valuable information, especially if an issue arises. Access control is a simple way to effectively protect your business.

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Person County

Person County is part of RTP and known in the state for its rich agricultural economy. That means both local and global businesses call Person County home. With so many different industries operating in one area, security has to be a priority. Learn more about why Network South is the trusted security solution provider for commercial business in Person County.

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