Doctor’s offices have to deal with a high call volume from patients constantly calling in to ask questions, make appointments and request prescription refills. An outdated phone system will not only cause employees unnecessary stress and frustration, but it will also prevent you from providing patients with the level of care they expect and deserve. That is why more healthcare facilities and doctor’s offices are making the move to automated phone systems.

Today’s office phones and services are designed to meet the needs of any office and provide a full range of features that streamline tasks, improve efficiency and make it easier than ever to manage a busy office. Even something as simple as hands-free headsets can allow employees to better manage tasks and respond to the needs of patients. Other features and advantages of automated phone systems include:

  • Ability to automatically queue calls in the order that they were received. As calls come in and you have to put people on hold, you can still easily keep track of who is next in line so that everyone enjoys the fastest service possible.
  • Announce caller’s position while they are on hold. If callers are put on hold for a long period of time, it can feel like they have been forgotten about. Impatient callers will even hang-up and call back, which only further clogs the phone lines. By announcing and updating their place in the queue, you can keep everyone happy.
  • Voicemail to email service. Voicemails can be automatically transcribed to HIPPA compliant emails to help employees better manage messages and avoid having to spend time listening to voicemails.

Perhaps best of all, doctor’s offices can customize their automated phone features for a personalized system that is secure, scalable and flexible. To learn more about how automated phones systems can help support your doctor’s office, contact the experts at Network South today.