Designing the right VoIP system to support your business begins with the right hardware and software. Mitel is a global leader in providing cutting edge business phone systems that enhance communication, collaboration, and customer service. Here are just some of the feature and benefits you will enjoy with a Mitel phone system:

Audio Conferencing

With audio conferencing, two or more colleagues in different locations can dial into the central system and easily collaborate. This tool can be used in conjunction with screen sharing in order to further support seamless communication. Audio conferencing also relies on secure connections to protect data and prevent unauthorized users from accessing the call.

Call Monitoring

Looking for ways to improve employee performance, reduce training time and provide a more consistent customer experience? Call monitoring allows supervisors to listen in on calls so that they can provide valuable feedback to employees. This allows for more effective team management and ongoing professional development.

Skills-Based Routing

Instead of simply directly incoming calls to the next available agent, this tool will ensure that calls are sent to the best agent based on the needs of the caller. This means that the agent’s skills and experience are fully utilized and callers get matched up with the best possible representative.

Virtual Receptionist

Use this tool to make sure that every call is answered. The virtual receptionist can handle basic customer needs, such as looking up account information and directing calls. This allows agents to spend their time managing more complex tasks and resolving problems for customers. 

No matter what industry you are a part of or how big your business is, you can benefit from the long list of features that come with Mitel phone systems. The hardware and software features can be customized to meet the needs of you and your customers. To learn more about Mitel phone systems, contact Network South today. We can help you design and install a VoIP solution that will support your business.